Monday, August 29, 2011

Are you stressed?

As a practice owner it can become quite easy to take on all of the responsibilities that go with running a practice. You can quickly find yourself shouldering the weight of a burden all your own, but then what about the wife? What about the kids? And what about the friends who you haven’t seen in months? Is it really possible to fully take in the beauty and vitality that this world has to offer while working 70+ hours a week?......


Monday, April 18, 2011

The Executive Revitalization Course — Measurable Solutions

Here Laren Hirst will tell you about how doing the Executive Revitalization Course at Measurable Solutions will help him get better control of his business.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Measurable Solutions View on Their Clients

A client at Measurable Solutions is way more than a customer. A client for us is a fellow team member, someone for whom we feel deep respect and admiration.

Basically when someone signs up for our program each staff member in our company assumes responsibility for the client. We will utilize each skill available to us to help that client succeed. With that amount of commitment on our part, all we ask is that he or she has the same amount of willingness and determination to do their part.

A very typical comment from our clients while at Measurable Solutions for Executive Training is “I want to have in my practice exactly what you guys have here”. They refer to the level of productivity and the sense of well being and goodwill that emanates from every single staff member in our organization. We definitely practice what we teach…and it truly shows!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Where is your business failing?

It can be very hard to pinpoint exactly where to put in your efforts to revert a downward trend in your business. Measurable Solutions has released a tool which will help to objectively analyze the current state of major areas in your business: The Business Viability Index. Using this tool will give you as a business owner a unique perspective of the overall growth (or lack thereof) in your business. There is no charge to get your index and you can read more about it following this link:

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Principles for Effective Leadership

Whether you run a “one man show” or employ hundreds, the degree of success you will have as an executive depends on your knowledge, understanding, and application of basic management tools. Measurable Solutions’ “Executive Basics Course” is part of the executive training and contains eye-opening administrative truths and vital information for executive success.

Here is what a couple of our clients had to say about having gained the knowledge from this course.

“Prior to attending the Exec Basics course at Measurable Solutions, we were experiencing a lot of success in our practice. We were growing in patient visits, our executives were continuing to function more and more in their executive roles, and though we were extremely happy with how far we have come as a practice, we realized there were still some obstacles that were keeping us from achieving our ideal scene. We also felt that we were still missing something (as owners and executives) that was preventing us from achieving all that we had hoped for. Though we had a good idea of what our roles as executives looked like, we realized we were not where we wanted to be yet.

Completing the executive basics course fully opened our eyes as to EXACTLY what we needed to do to be fully functioning in our executive roles. It also gave us a clearer sense of our purpose as executives and taught us how to get our VPs fully up to speed in their roles. It has been about six weeks since we got back from the Exec Basics II course and since that time, we have been in a continuous growth cycle. In fact, since attending the course, we have hit several new “highest evers”, and our patient visits have shot up past 600 visits per week. It is truly amazing how getting everyone aligned with our purpose, and us fully functioning in our executive roles, has helped our organization. We have no doubts that the information we learned from the Executive Basics II course will help us in achieving our practice goals and ultimately, our ideal scene. Thanks, Measurable Solutions, for another tremendous course. Again, we are truly thankful for all your knowledge and help in growing our practice.”

-- C.E.

“The executive Basics Course pushed me to think about qualities a true leader has and where I am falling short. This was beneficial because I had to name areas to oimprove on and recognize where my strengths are. This course was showing me how to be a leader that has high standards for quality, but also for the people working for our clininc.

I can definitely become an effective leader and person if I keep these principles at the forefront.”

-- J.M.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Executive Training -- The Single Greatest Investment

"Once we embarked on the journey of the management and executive training it was evident that our primary statistics got a bump each time we returned from Measurable Solutions. I kept wondering how in the world we would implement all of the technologies and each time we did, it went smoothly and we saw new growth happen. Our staff is communicating internally and externally at a much higher level which results in improved patient care and satisfaction.

I have also noticed a significant carryover into my personal life, as much of the methods of management apply to life in general. I am no longer stressed out about the practice and feel that I am much happier on a daily basis, and have a more focused purpose.

Our relationship with Measurable Solutions has been the single greatest investment we have made since opening our practice.”

-- K.C.